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(July 28, 1941 – February 12, 2018)

Primarily a mystery and western writer, Crider has written some juvenile SF, including: A Vampire Named Fred (Temple Books, 1990); Muttketeer: A Wishbone Book (Big Red Chair Books, 1997); Mike Gonzo and the Sewer Monster (Minstrel, 1996); Mike Gonzo and the Almost Invisible Man (Minstrel, 1996); and Mike Gonzo and the UFO Terror (Minstrel, 1997). The last book won the 1997 Golden Duck Award for Best Juvenile SF Novel.

He has also written some horror novels under a pen name: Keepers of the Beast (Zebra, 1988); Goodnight, Moom (Zebra, 1989); Blood Dreams (Zebra, 1989); Rest in Peace (Zebra, 1990); and Just before Dark (Zebra, 1990).

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A remembrance of Crider by Jon D. Swartz appeared in Scientifiction (STF), New Series #58, 4th Quarter, 2018. Swartz is Special Features Editor of STF. An illustrated tribute to Crider, also by Swartz, appeared in the August, 2019, issue of Paperback Parade.

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