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Yalow is a computer programmer, currently freelancing after leaving the City University of New York, where he worked for about 20 years. He coined the phrase "Wimpy Zone". He was a member of the NY in '86 bid committee.

He has been involved in SF fandom for about 45 years, been to more than 600 cons, and worked on about a third of them. He has been a member of numerous Worldcon bids and has worked on many of them since the mid-1970s.

He co-founded SMOFcon with Joe Siclari and Teresa Renner in 1984.

He is a member of clubs in a number of cities, including NESFA (Boston), OSFCI (Portland, OR), FACT (Austin, TX), and SCIFI (Los Angeles). He is also a member of MCFI (Boston), which ran the Worldcon in 2004. He is a Fellow of NESFA.

He has edited four books (three still in print) for NESFA Press.

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