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(1931 - 2012)

Benjamin D. Singer was an American sociologist and SF fan who lived and taught in Canada for many years. For several years he was on the faculty of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

In the 1940s he lived in Detroit, Michigan, and belonged to the Misfits SF Club. He published the fanzine Mutant before turning it over to the Detroit club as its Official Organ. He also contributed to Art Rapp's Spacewarp. He published United Fandom with George Young.

While living in Detroit he was a friend of Ray Nelson. Later he and Nelson both worked for the Hudson Motor Company. When Nelson lived in Paris, Singer visited him there. Still later, they were fellow members of CAPA. Other CAPA members during the time Singer and Nelson were members included Howard DeVore, Len and June Moffatt, Jim and Barbara Harmon, and Jon D. Swartz.

In the early 1950s Singer published two stories in Future Science Fiction.

His wife Eleanore was also a SF fan. Their daughter Heidi is a journalist in New York City.

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