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Back to Rivets, also known as Mik Ado About Nothing was a fannish musical written by Mark Keller and Sue Anderson and presented at Boskone 14 by the RISFA Players. It is a very broad sendup of people and things from the time done as a Gilbert and Sullivan pastiche.

Actors and staff included:

George Flynn, Elliot Shorter, Paul Di Filippo, Faye Ringel, Nancy Hussar, Morris Keesan, Mike Blake, Mark Keller, Shelia D'Ammassa, Richard Harter, Rick Katze, Robert Benson, Joe Ross, Mike Saler, Rick Sternbach, Topher Cooper, Bill Desmond, Chip Hitchcock, Drew Whyte, Jim Mann, Leslie Turek, Debbie Newton, Paul Mulvaney, Evan Schrier, Danamas Icarus, Rise Cartabianco, Jacob L. Bloom, Anne McCaffrey, Lori Meltzer, Guy Harris, and Nick Nussbaum.

In August 2003, NESFA Press issued a collection (edited by Tony Lewis of all three plays:

Show Website(IA) Reasonator Search Files 1977

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