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Small press of Donna Maree Hanson.

Books published include:

  • Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview by Donna Maree Hanson.
  • Kered's Crown by Kaaren Sutcliffe.
  • Johnny Phillips, Werewolf Detective: The collected case files by Robbie Matthews.

Also, under the shorter name Aust Spec Fiction:

  • Argenterra (Silverlands 1) by Donna Maree Hanson (2016).
  • Oathbound (Silverlands 2) by Donna Maree Hanson (2017).
  • Ungiven Land (Silverlands 3) by Donna Maree Hanson (2017).
  • Beneath the Floating City and other Science Fiction stories by Donna Maree Hanson (2017).

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