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Aussiecon Three (FanHistoriCon 9.5) was the 1999 Worldcon and third Australian Worldcon held September 2-6 in the World Congress Center and Centra Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. GoHs: George Turner (pro) and Greg Benford (pro), FGoH: Bruce Gillespie, Special Guest: J. Michael Straczynski. George Turner died prior to the convention. Perry Middlemiss chaired the convention.

It arose from the Australia in 1999 bid

It hosted 2002 Worldcon Site Selection.

Committee List (IA) (IA) Progress Report #1 (IA) (IA) Progress Report #2 (IA) (IA) Progress Report #3 (IA) (IA) Progress Report #4 (IA) (IA)

Newsletter (from before the convention): The Voice of the Platypus Daily newsletter (during the convention): The Monotreme

Marc Ortlieb's Con Report (IA)

(in issue 125 of The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet) Evelyn C. Leeper's Con Report (IA)

Geoff Tilley video (IA)

Dave Langford conrep (IA)

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