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(Did you mean a fanzine by Mal Ashworth?)

The Amor de Cosmos People's Memorial Quiet-Revolutionary Susanzine was a perzine of Susan Wood. Issue 18 included the note that there had been 20 issues: the two extra issues are 2.5 and her slightly earlier perzine A Letter/Letter A. From issue 1: "...(for the benefit of filing-freaks like Auntie Rosemary at library school and Paul Anderson, count "a letter" as a trial run for AMOR, okay?)" -- seems to be what she wanted.

A Letter/Letter A: dated Sept 13, 1973; 8 pages, even pages numbered.
The Amor de Cosmos People's Memorial Quiet-Revolutionary Susanzine: A Personalzine/Amor 1: dated October 29, 1973; 8 pages, all but the first numbered. Uncredited illustration on page [1].
Amor 2: January 9, 1974; 24 pages plus front cover by [[Tim Kirk]] (who also has an illo on p.22). p.[24] illustration by [[William Rotsler]].
Amor 2.5: March 12, 1974; 8 pages, illustrations by [[Cathryn Miller]], [[William Rotsler]], and [[Tim Kirk]]. Includes reprint of [[Charles Burbee]]'s "How to Stop Writing for Fanzines."
Amor 3: September 14, 1974; 8 pages, illustrations by [[Cathryn Miller]], [[Alexis Gilliland]], and [[Freff]].
Amor 4: not dated, late 1974; illustrations by [[Sue Clark]] and [[Freff]].
Amor 5: "First stencil, Feb. 9, 1975", postmarked Feb 16 1975; 10 pages, illustrations by [[Grant Canfield]], [[Alexis Gilliland]], and [[Freff]]. 
Amor 6: May 11, 1975; 28 pages plus cover photo by [[Jim Saklad]]; illustrations by [[Randy Bathurst]], [[Grant Canfield]], [[Freff]], [[Tim Kirk]], [[Tim C. Marion]], [[Bill Rotsler]], and [[Jim Shull]]. Articles: Village Ramble by [[David Emerson]], Citizen David Vs the Northwest Mounted by [[David Miller]]. 
Amor 7: June 17, 1975; 6 pages, illustrations by [[Randy Bathurst]], [[Cathryn Miller]], and [[Terry Austin]]. [[DUFF]] promotional flyer included.
Amor 8: November 1975; 10 pages, illustrations by [[Bill Rotsler]], [[Dan Steffan]], [[Grant Canfield]], [[George Barr]], and [[James Shull]]. 
Amor 9:undated, early 1976; 10 pages, illustrations by [[Bill Rotsler]].
Amor 10: August 1976; 26 pages plus cover by [[Derek Carter]], illustrations by [[Dan Steffan]], [[Terry Austin]], [[George Barr]], [[Jim McLeod]], [[Joe Pearson]], [[Bill Rotsler]], and [[James Shull]]; articles "Messieurs et mesdames, les Rolling Stones" par [[Doug Barbour]], Many a Tear Has to Fall by [[Mike Carlson]], "It Would Make a Lovely Umbrella" by [[Lynne Dollis]], and Curling by [[Eli Cohen]]. Mentions that this is the 12th issue. 
Amor 11: October 30, 1976; 10 pages, illustrations by [[Harry Bell]] and [[Alexis Gilliland]]
Amor 12: December 19, 1976; 10 pages, illustrations by [[Cathryn Miller]], [[Terry Austin]], and [[Joe Pearson]]. Apparently mailed with ''[[Queebshot]]'', a 4 page one-shot with cover by [[Bill Rotsler]] written by Wood, [[Norm Clarke]], [[Gina Clarke]], [[Richard Labonte]], [[Will Straw]], and [[Bob Wood]]. The art credit for ''Queebshot'' is included with the art credits for this issue.
Amor 13: Feb. 11, 1977; 8 pages, illustrations by [[Bill Rotsler]].
Amor 14: Aug. 11, 1977; 10 pages, illustrations by [[Sheryl Birkhead]] and [[Stu Shiffman]], article Apa-Queue (parody of Camelot) by [[Eli Cohen]].
Amor 15 -?
Amor 16 - (December 1977?)
Amor 17: July 8, 1979; 12 pages, illustrations by [[Jay Kinney]], [[Bill Rotsler]], [[Alexis Gilliland]], [[Stu Shiffman]], [[Bill Gibson]], and [[George Barr]]. 
Amor 18: December 14, 1979; 8 pages, illustrations by [[Bill Rotsler]] and [[Cathryn Miller]].

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