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(1965 --)

Alison McDonald Scott is a British fan active since 1983, first as a member of the Cambridge University SF Society (CUSFS)(1983-1986) and attending Seacon '84 (the 1984 Eastercon and Eurocon). She was chairbeing of CUSFS 1985-86, CADS (Chester And District Sfgroup)(1986-88ish), Warrington Group (1988-1994). She was married to UK fan Mike Scott 1986-1995 and is now with UK fan Steven Cain. Member of the Plokta Cabal.

She was on the committee for these cons: ConSept (the 1986 Unicon), Follycon (the 1988 Eastercon), Fourplay (a 1991 Filk Con), and chaired Confabulation (the 1995 Eastercon). She is a member of the League of Fan Funds and won the 2020 GUFF trip, but had to postpone her trip because of the Covid-19 epidemic (she is running a virtual trip (IA)). She is one of the people who does the fannish podcast Octothorpe (along with John Coxon and Liz Batty.) Apazines: She has been a member of TWP and PAPA for a while.

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