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(Did you mean a BEM or a Vic Waldrop fanzine?)

(1) A BEM

An intelligent creature from another world. Possibly a BEM.

(2) A Fanzine

A fanzine published by Harry Nadler and Charles Partington from 1963 to 1965. (Issues 1-9 list Tony Edwards and Tom Holt as co-editors.) The last two issues were titled "Alien Worlds". A final single-sheet four-page issue, titled LAST ISSUE on the front cover, reported that production problems had prevented the intended issue 16 from being distributed at the London Worldcon in late August 1965. It also noted that Alien Worlds would have been ceasing publication with that missing issue, to be replaced with a professional fiction magazine of the same title. One issue of this new magazine was published in 1966 as Alien Worlds No. 1.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 May 1963 20
2 June 1963 28
3 July 1963 26
4 August 1963 28
5 October 1963 20
6 November 1963 28
7 February 1964 28
8 April 1964 46
9 June 1964 40
10 August 1964 34
11 October 1964 42
12 December 1964 40
13 January 1965 40
14 March 1965 32 Retitled Alien Worlds
15 May 1965 44 Final issue

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