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(January 9, 1931 -- June 9, 2008)

A pro writer, critic and editor, Budrys (also known as A. J. Budrys) was first published in Astounding in 1952. He worked both as a writer and as an editor -- he was involved with both Gnome Press and Galaxy. He also used a variety of pen names, but the most well-known was Paul Janvier. He taught at Clarion and was a member of the Fanoclasts.

Probably is best-known works were the Hugo-nominated stories "Who?" and "Rogue Moon".

He received Hugo nominations for the 1956 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1956 Best Short Story Hugo, the 1959 Best Short Story Hugo, the 1959 Best Novel Hugo, the 1961 Best Novel Hugo, the 1976 Best Novella Hugo, the 1986 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo, the 1994 Best Semiprozine Hugo, the 1995 Best Semiprozine Hugo, and the 2004 Best Novelette Hugo.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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