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When Roy Tackett moved to Albuquerque in 1962, fandom there did not exist. He later remembered, "As far as I knew, there wasn't any stf activity in Albuquerque, so I did the only thing that was possible: I took out ads in the SF magazines asking for anyone interested in forming a stf club to contact me. I got letters from Chicago and Boston, but nary a nibble from Albuquerque."

The genesis of Albuquerque fandom was a couple of years later, at a chance meeting in a used book store of Roy Tackett and Bob Vardeman, who were reaching for the same copy of a back issue of Analog magazine. Vardeman had never heard of fandom, so Tackett filled him in; as he later remembered, "It was a terrible thing to do to a teenager." Soon afterward, Tackett, Vardeman, and Eugene Casey formed the Albuquerque SF Society, which see for more Albuquerque fan history.

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