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Alabacon 2014.5 was held May 8-10, 2015 at the Best Western Albany Airport Inn on Wolf Rd. in Albany, NY. The GoH was Mur Lafferty and Jan Howard Finder was Ghost of Honor.

The odd numbering is explained:

Back when Albacon's parent organization, LASTSFA decided to bid for the World Fantasy Convention for 2015, it was decided NOT to hold an Albacon in 2015, just as we had (not) done in 2007.

In order to make Albacon more affordable, it was decided to find a facility in the Albany, NY area that had three things:

  * Sufficient function space
  * Function space fees that would not bankrupt LASTSFA
  * Affordable guest room rates for our attendees

The search for such a facility took much longer than any of us anticipated. By the time we found such a facility, there was not sufficient time to assemble an Albacon for our traditional date in late October 2014. Taking inspiration from Jan Howard Finder, the person responsible for the first Albacon in 1995 and the re-birth of traditional SciFi conventions in the Albany area, we did not let that stop us. We declared the convention Albacon 2014 and a half since it could not be Albacon 2015 (we said we were not going to hold an Albacon 2015).

The LASTSFA Board bought it and now we're having Albacon 2014 and a half.

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