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Ala-APA, the Alabama Amateur Press Association was a short-lived APA founded in 1966 and open only to Alabama fans. Its Official Organ was The Alabama Fan. The APA's president was Al Andrews and the Official Editor was Larry Montgomery. It folded the same year after its fourth mailing because a number of members moved out of state and the OE, Montgomery left to join the Air Force.

Members: Al Andrews, Lon Atkins, Fred Azbell, Tim Eklund, Larry Montgomery, Chuck Patty, Wally Weber, and Andy Zerbe

It had four mailings:

Issue Contents Notes
#1 May 1966: 54 pages The Alabama Fan #1, ALA-APA constitution, Kama Sutra #1, The National Fantasy Fake, June 1966, Reprise #1, Rebel #1, Abimelech #1, Murther #1, Shalmirane #1, Imortium #1
#2 July 1966: 61 pages The Alabama Fan #2, Lurleen-bhaby, Murther #2, Abimelech #2, Rebel #2, Imortium #2, Shalmirane #2, Kama-sutra #2 Weber was dropped for non-payment of dues and for moving back to Seattle
#3 October 1966 The Alabama Fan #3, Shalmirane #3, Gnat #3 [previously Murther], The True Map of North America, Warlock #13, Rebel #3, Sporadic #13, Gris-gris #1, Proxy #6, Imortium #3
#4 Sometime in 1967 Final mailing

Contributors and Apazines:

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