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Ad Astra (fanzine)
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(Did you mean a convention?)

(1) A Fanzine by Mark Reinsberg and Richard Meyer.

A fanzine published by Mark Reinsberg and Richard Meyer of Chicago. It was the first major fanzine from Chicago.

Issue Dates Pages Notes
1 May 1939
2 July 1939
3 September 1939 22
4 November 1939
5 November 1940 Final issue
6 September 19, 1940 Two pages for an unpublished 6th issue appeared in Midwest Marky

(2) A Fanzine by Ed Bryant.

A fanzine published by Ed Bryant.

Issue Dates Pages Notes
V1.1 1960
V1.2 1960
V1.3 1961
V1.4 1961
V1.5 February 1962 26
V1.6 1962
V2.1 1963

(3) An Apazine by Paul C. Crawford

An apazine published by Paul C. Crawford for Monster APA.

Issue Dates Pages Notes
1 November 1964
2 November 1966
3 August 1967

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