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This is a mess. There were two fanzines, both published by Kevin Rattan in the early 80s, which shared an issue in common and which had three titles (Ad Nauseam, Don't Get Caught and Pelvic Wiggle Stamp) between them.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1980s 40 Ad Nauseam 1
1 1983 12 Don't Get Caught 1
2 June 1983 24 Don't Get Caught 2 but actually titled Pelvic Wiggle Stamp
2/3 October 1983 56 Ad Nauseam 2 AKA Don't Get Caught 3; Final issue of Ad Nauseam
4 January 1984 14 Don't Get Caught 4
5 May 1984 14 Don't Get Caught 5; Final issue

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