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(1884 -- 1943)

Abraham Grace Merritt, known by his byline of A. Merritt, was an editor, SF and fantasy author, and poet.

He was assistant editor of The American Weekly from 1912 to 1937 under Morrill Goddard, then its editor from 1937 until his death. As editor, he hired the unheralded new artists Virgil Finlay and Hannes Bok.

Among his genre books were The Moon Pool (1919), The Ship of Ishtar (1926), Seven Footprints to Satan (1928), The Face in the Abyss (1931), Dwellers in the Mirage (1932), Burn Witch Burn! (1933), Creep, Shadow! (1934), The Metal Monster (1946), and The Black Wheel (1947).

A collection of his short fiction, The Fox Woman and Other Stories, was published in 1949.

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