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The 2017 TAFF race was to send a North American delegate to Helsinki. The administrators were Curt Phillips (North America), and Anna Raftery (UK/Europe).

Candidate North American Votes UK/Europe Votes Total Votes
Sarah Guide 9 9 18
Alissa McKersie 30 29 59
John Purcell 48 11 59
Hold Over Funds 0 1 1
No Preference 5 2 7
Total 92 52 144

The TAFF counting rules require that to win a candidate receive at least 20% of the vote in North America and 20% of the vote in the UK/Europe. Sarah Guide failed to receive 20% of the North American vote and was eliminated. The votes were recounted using the second place votes for Guide,, Hold Over Funds and No Preference.

Candidate North American Votes UK/Europe Votes Total Votes
Alissa McKersie 32 35 67
John Purcell 54 14 68
Total 86 49 135

John Purcell was the winner by a single vote.

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