1988 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site Selection for the 1988 Worldcon was conducted by ConFederation, the 1986 Worldcon. (Due to a change in the lead time, site selection for the 1989 Worldcon was held at the same time.

There were four bidders, the Bermuda Triangle Bid, Cincinnati in '88, New Orleans in '88 and St. Louis in '88. There was also a Yugoslavia in '88 bid which did not file and was not on the site selection ballot.

The results were:

Bidder Mail At-Con Total
New Orleans in '88 269 643 912
Bermuda Triangle Bid 189 236 425
Cincinnati in '88 100 149 249
St. Louis in '88 83 110 193
Sydney Cove in '88 5 11 16
None of the Above 3 12 15
No Preference 21 27 48
Void (Double votes, no member) 1 4 5
Total 671 1192 1863

New Orleans in '88 fell just slightly short of a majority on the first ballot and was elected once the None of the Above and Sydney Cove in '88 votes were redistributed.

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