1983 DUFF Race

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The 1983 DUFF race was a hotly-contested 4-way contest with a very close finish. The candidates were Jan Howard Finder, Alexis Gilliland, Jerry Kaufman and Charlotte Proctor.

Initial Second Round Final
NA Aus Tot NA Aus Tot NA Aus Tot
Kaufman 74 13 87 77 19 96 104 26 130
Finder 64 18 82 74 19 93 100 22 122
Gilliland 41 8 49 55 10 65
Proctor 31 10 41

Accordingly, Jerry Kaufman was the 1983 DUFF delegate.

The administrators were Joyce Scrivner and Peter Toluzzi. There was some controversy over the vote because the administrators extended the deadline for mail ballots and for people at Minicon and the Australian Natcon in a close race where partial results had leaked. See File 770 #43 p6 and File 770 #45 p1 p14 for much more.

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