1978 Hugo Results

Awarded September 3, 1978 by Iguanacon II.

Iguanacon only listed the order of finish for the first three places.

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Nomination data:
540 Hugo ballots were received (though there seems to have been some sort of foul-up in foreign nomination ballots — Iggy mailed them, but they were not received.)
The spread in each category:
Novel: 25-95
Novella: 104-160
Novelette: 13-49
Short Story: 11-82
Dramatic Presentation: 8-338
Pro Artist: 31-55
Pro Editor: 29-92
Fanzine: 15-53
Fan Writer: 10-42
Fan Artist: 14-23
Campbell: 12-36
Gandalf Grand Master: 12-56
Gandalf Book-length Fantasy: 14-96