1969 Site Selection Results

The 1969 Worldcon was selected by Baycon, the 1968 Worldcon. The bidders were St. Louis in '69 and Columbus in '69.

As was the practice in those days, the bids were nominated at the WSFS Business Meeting session of the Worldcon (it was an hour of the single-track program) and seconded by prominent fans and pros. St. Louis in '69 was presented by Ray Fisher and seconded by Terry Carr and Harlan Ellison. Columbus in '69 was presented by Larry Smith and seconded by Forry Ackerman and Harry Harrison (as one report said, "with Jan Trenholm as decoration").

St. Louis in '69 had been identified with newer, modern fandom while Columbus in '69 had been identified with an older, more political side of fandom. Open antipathy between the bids was evident. There were unfounded rumors circulated that Columbus intended to have its own Exclusion Act, banning Ted White from attending. Columbus supporter Brian Burley had moved to St. Louis to keep an eye on St. Louis fandom. After St. Louis had won, ill feelings quickly dissipated, since Burley had become likable during his stay in St. Louis and Columbus chairman Larry Smith and other supporters helped out at the St. Louiscon, then returned afterwards for after-con celebration party.

It was an overwhelming victory for St. Louis.

Bidder Votes
St. Louis in '69 393
Columbus in '69 5
Acapulco 5
Tel Aviv 4
Tijuana 2
London 2
Minneapolis 1
Leningrad 1
Mohave Desert 1
Deer Knuckles, BC 1
Skill Island 1
Seattle 1
No Answer 1

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