1953 Hugo Results

Presented September 7, 1953 at Philcon II.

This was the first year the Hugos were presented, and there was no shortlist of nominations nor was there a vote of the membership. It appears that the award was initially thought of as a one-time thing awarded by the committee.

1953 Best Novel Hugo: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester
1953 Best Professional Magazine Hugo (tie): Astounding Science Fiction ed. by John W. Campbell, Jr. and Galaxy ed. by H. L. Gold.
1953 Best Cover Artist Hugo (tie): Hannes Bok and Ed Emshwiller
1953 Best Interior Illustrator Hugo: Virgil Finlay
1953 Excellence in Fact Articles Hugo: Willy Ley
1953 Best New SF Author or Artist Hugo: Philip José Farmer
1953 #1 Fan Personality Hugo: Forrest J Ackerman

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