1952 Site Selection Results

Site selection for the 1952 Worldcon was held at Nolacon in 1951. There were six bids to host it: Chicago, San Francisco, Niagara Falls, New York, Atlanta, and Detroit. Chicago won and went on to run Chicon II.

Science Fiction Newscope #13 ran a detailed report on the site selection session:

The afternoon session didn't get under way until after 3:00. Chicago, San Francisco, Niagara Falls (Canada), New York, Atlanta and Detroit placed bids in that order for the '52 con. Eshbach didn't think that the Detroiters were old enough to put on a con. Tucker said Chicon was put on by High-School agers. Santerson thought Frisco was to costly to go to and Judy Merrill said Frisco had sand-fleas. Evans wanted Detroit as a matter of principle. The first ballot cut like this: Chicago 30, Atlanta:22; Detroit 16, San Francisco 16, Niagara Falls 11 and New York 3.

After two and a quarter hours the final ballot was taken with Chicago winning 59 to Atlanta's 36. This is the first time that a city will have a convention twice. Although Chad Oliver distributed cards for "The DripCon" (Dripping Springs, Texas), he didn't bid for it.

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