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The last Michiconference, the fifth, was held July 7-8, 1945 at the slan shack. Attending were a dozen fans from Michigan, Don Wollheim and Elsie Wollheim from New York, Don Tanner from Cincinnati, Bob Tucker, and a number of non-fannish wives.

Harry Warner says that "The first day consisted of playing records, listening to Liebscher play the piano, playing games, and talking until 4 a.m. In those years, fans didn't stay up very late. On Sunday there was much picture-taking. Tucker told of his recent experiences as a masseur, and Liebscher obtained prices ranging from one cent to five dollars for 78 originals. One pleasant side effect of these Michicons ended with the last one: beautiful program booklets, perfectly mimeographed, usually with a fine Wiedenbeck cover airbrushed in full color, and plenty of space for autographs inside.

The Michicons probably died because of the subsequent migration of so many of the Michigan fans to LA.

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